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Why EcoFaith?

Hear from members of the EcoFaith Network about why they are engaged in EcoFaith in the videos below!


Caring for creation is important to everything we do as church. We don't need to tell you that our earth is in a growing crisis that is already endangering human beings, plant and animal life, and the soil and water that sustains life itself. Climate change and ecosystem degradation is accelerating. We know that we are called to be stewards of God's wondrous, intricately interdependent creation. The question is not whether to be those stewards, but how? How do we work for the healing of God's world?

Photo by Will Stenberg

We are simultaneously part of creation and also stewards of it.


With wisdom and love, God has woven us into the web of all being. When we live as if humans are separate and above the rest of creation, we are living a collective self-deception. The whole creation is groaning under this collective self-deception (Romans 8:22).


Our fossil fuel driven civilization is creating an earth and ocean that could rapidly become uninhabitable. Species are becoming extinct. Coastal areas are flooded. Extreme weather events are increasing. Unprecedented fires and floods come with greater frequency. People are losing their homes and forced to flee. Permafrost is melting. Our collective way of life is dangerous and is already having deadly consequences.

The world needs the Church in a time like this. The gospel of the Resurrection of the Crucified One is for the whole creation. It calls us into a new way of life within that creation, in which stewardship of the earth is integral to every faith practice.

And it calls us together, from the ground up, from the grassroots of every congregation, in response to the Holy Spirit work of renewing the face of the earth (Psalm 104:30).

Hear from EcoFaith members about why EcoFaith is important to them!
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