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EcoFaith Summit 2023


The April 15 EcoFaith Summit, The Pollinator Plot: Cross+Pollination in a Time of Ecological Crisis, was an extraordinary event. 106 from all over Minnesota, Northwest Wisconsin, and northern Illinois gathered at Gloria Dei, Duluth to Cross+pollinate active hope in this time of ecological crisis. Many people also participated in the plot on-line from the whole Midwest and across the continent. 

Throughout the day, with our keynote speaker, six storytellers, four engagement sessions, worship, and lively conversation, we cross+pollinated ideas and relationships --- which we now bring back to pollinate care of creation in the 55 cities and towns, 70 congregations, two seminaries, a campus group, and environmental action organizations from which we came.


In total, we had Cross+Pollinators from 65 cities and towns, 80 congregations, 16 synods, 2 seminaries, one university campus, and 11 partner organizations.


2023 EcoFaith Summit Recordings:

3 Key Resources from the Summit:


2023 EcoFaith Summit Recordings

The recordings document contains all recordings from the 2023 EcoFaith Summit.


2023 EcoFaith Summit Booklet

The Summit Booklet contains important information about presenters, storytellers, and partners, beautifully compiled by Diane Jacobson.


Plotting Resources

Plotting Resources includes information on public advocacy and action for pollinators as well as tips on starting and maintaining pollinator gardens and monarch waystations.

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