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Public Action

2023 Farm Bill Reauthorization: Invitation to Action


Policies impact how we live our lives, and our actions in the public sphere can impact those policies as citizens and concerned Christians on priorities shaped by our values. This year, 2023, the Farm Bill is in a reauthorization process that has far-reaching impact in our communities, locally and globally, now and for generations to come. Consider writing to your federal elected official to express your priorities as that policy takes shape.


Learn more and find a sample template here

Systemic action is the key to our climate future. In addition to our work as individuals, we encourage you to be involved in public action with us and with our partners.


Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light is an interfaith climate movement. Their 2023 state legislative agenda in conjunction with Honor the Earth includes carbon-free electricity, indigenous sovereignty, protections for land and water, and more. Learn more and get involved here.

Lutheran Advocacy-Minnesota is a ministry of the six ELCA synods in Minnesota. Its 2023 agenda includes clean energy infrastructure, just transition away from fossil fuels, affordable housing, and more. Learn more and get involved here.

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