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Green Tips


Each month's Green Tips are researched and written by members of congregations in our synods. Use them in bulletins, on social media, and more!

December 2023- Reversing Biodiversity Collapse and Slowing Climate Change: In Saving the Earth, We Save Ourselves

November 2023- Conserving and Restoring Healthy Forests: Using Nature Itself to Address the Climate Crisis While Protecting People and Wildlife

October 2023- "What Do Mega-Wildfires Worldwide Tell Us About the Climate Crisis?"

September 2023- "What Do We Owe Our Children? A Livable Climate, a Life-Giving Earth"

August 2023- Caring For Our Earth, Our Common Home: Advancing Cleaner Technologies to Protect Public Health and the Planet

July 2023- Caring for Our Earth, Our Common Home: A Way to Love Both God and Our Neighbor

June 2023- The Products We Buy: Vote with your Dollars to Help Create a Set of Values that are Good for You and the Planet

May 2023- The Products We Buy: Helping the Pollinators We Depend on for Survival Thrive in Our Fields, Yards and Gardens

April 2023- The Products We Buy: Facing the Challenges of Our Modern, Industrialized, Chemically-driven System

March 2023- Figuring Out Climate Change: Global Warming is Making the Planet (including Minnesota) Hotter, Wetter and Drier

February 2023- Safeguarding Our Earth for Future Generations

January 2023- The New Climate Bill: Hope for Transitioning to Electric Vehicles and Greener Electric Car Batteries

December 2022- The Global Extinction Crisis is NOT Inevitable

November 2022- Federal Government Programs that Help 

October 2022- Save Money While You Help the Planet

September 2022- Our Future as Atmospheric CO2 Rises to the Highest Level in Human History

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